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Monday, October 10, 2011

You Know Your Old When..............BBTB2 Buzzard Challenge!

Edited to add:
Okay yes, I seen that I spelled it wrong actually AFTER I posted it and went live this morning, lol I guess I was so excited that I actually thought of a saying before I did my project I got ahead of myself!, LOL! Thanks for pointing it out, I figured someone would spot it and call me out so touche', you got me, lol!
Theresa! =] 
You Know Your Getting Old........................When the Buzzards Start Circling!!!! LOL, LOL!
Isn't that a Hoot! And I thought of it all by myself, lol! I always have a hard time with sayings so I was really excited about having one figured out even before I started my project! Well enough about my saying, lets get into the challenge this week!
Well it's Monday and challenge day over at Bitten By The Bug 2 and my Lovely, Amazingly Talented Design Team Sister and Friend, Agnes, (aka FlowerDisco) has picked the "Vulture" from the "Life's A Party" Cartridge to use this week. Now I can say this was one of the reasons I bought this cartridge (along with the cupcake wrappers) so I was excited to finally get to make it! Well the cart has a card feature on it so that made it easy. I used the tombstone card and cut it at 7". Than I cut the Vulture at 4" separately. I didn't weld them this time. I cut an additional layer tho of red for the tombstone and put some packing tape on the back of the R. I. P. cut image and added some black glitter to make it more sparkly. I also did the packing tape technique on the vultures wing section too but you can't really tell by the pics. The grass I added is from Plantin Schoolbook and cut in two sizes, 1" & 1 1/8", then layered and cut to fit the front of the tombstone. Now the bird is done in layers and I can say there are a nice amount of layers on this cart but no shadows but it turned out great even without them, you never would have even noticed I bet if I didn't say anything, lol! I popped all the different layers and did some embossing. I inked all the pieces for some added dimension. and of course, I had to add some Bling! To the tombstone and to the Vulture!    
Here is the inside of the card (I actually finished the inside) but on this one I guess I kinda had to or you wouldn't get the Joke, lol! Hey, I have to tell you a quick little story, This was our first winter here in KY and my first winter with snow. One of the cows had a baby, it was so cold and it had been snowing and I knew she was going to have it any time and was really nervous, so I had went out really early to check and sure enough there was a new baby. Well as I went out to the field I looked up and there were about 10 Vultures sitting up in the trees by the house and about another 10 down at the end of the field (about 1/4 mile from the house) it was the eeriest and weirdest feeling seeing all those vultures just sitting there. And stupid me I didn't get a picture, didn't even think about it till later, I was just so worried about the new baby. Well she was just fine, Mama was cleaning her up, there was even steam coming off of her! I even got to go up and pet her, Mama actually let me! So every time I see a Vulture I think of that baby cow! But I sure wish I had gotten a picture, lol! (Now I ALWAYS bring my camera with me, even when I go out for a walk, lol!)    
Here is a picture of the Vulture close up. You can see the embossing, layers and of course the Bling!
And here's the picture of the Vulture on the top of the tombstone. You can see it a bit better with the glittering the R. I. P. and the swirl.

Well I sure hope you join in the challenge over at the BBTB2 Blog. Just remember it has to be a NEW project to link up and you could win our cute BBTB2 winner blinkie to display on your blog along with bragging rights. You have two weeks to enter and if you don't have Life's a Party the use any scary bird or maybe a crow (there is a vulture on ZooBalloo and Zoo Day, I checked on Design Studio). I sure hope to see you there.

((Hugs)) and Take Care,


Jeri said...

Super card, Theresa. Love the cow story. I'd have been afraid to leave the new baby thinking the vultures might swoop in. We're in Georgia now and I saw a big group of vultures on the side of the road just yesterday. That's the first time I've ever seen them up close. Geez, they're ugly! Nice that you can make something so cute out of that ugly bird. Great sentiment.

Patsy B. said...

Such a great card! The only "flaw" is the word "your" should be you're... (contraction for "you are"...it's too cute of a card to have a misspelling on it!)

flowerdisco said...

oh theresa, i would love to be there with you, the cow and the baby. what a darling moment. :)

i love your take on mr. v. he must be a close relative of mine being so handsome and all. lol

thanks for doing my challenge and i am glad you had fun.


Cindy said...

Oh no! Now I have to buy that cartridge too!!!! your card is so stinkin cute. Love that vulture and the tombstone. Thank you for sharing (and enabling). Cindy

Heather said...

WOW! I just LOVE this! Love that vulture and I love the way you distressed/shaded up the headstone. A perfect job!!

DonnaMundinger said...

ADORABLE! Now I want that cart! Fabulous detail. Great sentiment too. xxD

Maria said...

What a great story! I'm glad to see you didn't weld either :) LOVE the dimension of your vulture and a perfect place for him on the tombstone :)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great Card! Love your vulture! And the sentiment is perfect! My Dad always said he had Buzzards Luck! SO this made me laugh!

**Treefrog** said...

Okay yes, I seen that I spelled it wrong actually AFTER I posted it and went live this morning, lol I guess I was so excited that I actually thought of a saying before I did my project I got ahead of myself!, LOL! Thanks for pointing it out, I figured someone would spot it and call me out so touche', you got me, lol!
Theresa! =]

Susan said...

Theresa your vulture is just wonderful! I love the colors you used, and the layers are amazing. I found myself studying the inking and other details. You did a fabulous job on this and I really, really like it!

xx Susan

Julia Moss said...

You are so funny! I love your story and really really love the wording in your card....outstanding. Love your stuff Girl!

Carolyn/MamaC said...

What a fun card!

Melody Lane Designs said...

I love it! I love the card and what it says, i love the vulture and all the detail, thanks for taking a picture close up. I find it's hard to see all the detail. You did an awesome job!

Jayne said...

Such a great card and love the story.
Jayne x

Karen Aicken said...

This is a great card for the challenge -- I especially like the bling. I would NEVER have thought to add bling to a buzzard and I love it! TFS
Cheers, Karen