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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I have a Winner! And a (Kinda Long) Silly Story!

So sorry for the delay, I know it was saposta be yesterday but so many things were going on again that I didn't get to it. McCade had to sing at the opening of the street scape project downtown in town, they re-did the circle in the center of town and they had a bit hoopla for it. Living in a small town the littlest things they celebrate, lol!!! Here's a picture of the Dude looking like he's having a Great time.................NOT! LOL There were some Military Vehicles that he was more intrigued in then what the teacher was doing, lol!
Also we hit a few yard sales and I got the deal/steal of the century (at least for me it was!) I have been looking for these chairs since 2006! When I came out here for my Brother's wedding I had seen them and fell in LOVE with them and have been looking all over the place for them and guess what I found at the 1st yard sale I stopped at.............
Yep you guessed it......................
THE LOVESEAT AND A CHAIR!!!!!!! and your not going to believe the price.............................
$50.00 for BOTH!
I didn't see them when we had parked, there was a truck in front of them but I walked up and seen them and asked the lady how much and when she said $50 I was so excited, but I kept my cool and walked around the rest of the things, (not seeing a darn thing because I WANTED those chairs!) Ken was in the car (he just drives and humors me on my yard sale adventures) and he said he could see it on my face that I found something I had to have! Well I had $40 on me and said "GIMME GIMME the cash and we have to go to the bank" all he thought was "OH Good Lord what is it now, and HOW MUCH is this going to cost me!?" I said just get a $20 and knowing he was getting off CHEAP! So I walk up to the lady and said I have $40 and......she said oh I'm sure she wants $50, and I said No I'll give you $50 but I need to go to the bank, here's $40 will you hold it for me till I get back and turn around and Ken was OFF! He left me there, LOL!! The lady started laughing and said well I guess you really want it because he's gone, so I stayed and chatted with the lady and Ken went to the bank for the rest of my cash and when we were loading up the chairs the lady who owned them came back and said she had so many people call her that they wanted them that she was going to bring them back home but was happy that she didn't have to now. I told her I've been looking for them since 2006 and so she said she was very happy that they were going to someone that really wanted them and knew that I would love them. She said they needed a bit of TLC and showed me a few spots that needed welded (which I had seen already) and I said I have just the place to go. So we got them loaded  up and went to the Machine shop that my Brother's Best Friend Josh works at and all it cost me was some Burgers for lunch to have them repaired better than new! Heck I've been looking and seen a few for sale here and there and the cheapest I've found them was $240 for 2 chairs earlier this summer and the Loveseat (which is what I wanted in the first place) was $250 (and it was painted white and all rusted!), so you see I got them for a STEAL! They are Wrought Iron and everyone around here calls them Peacock Chairs (and yes, I can tell why they are called that, don't you!) I kind of like them this color but I may paint them Red since the house is Yellow and Red, (Yes I have a Red metal Roof which I LOVE) and RED is my FAV color ever! But we'll have to wait and see, so what do you think, aren't they the prettiest things you ever did see, LOL!!! Now I have to find me one more chair, and another escapade to tell you all about, lol!!!
But I so sorry I got sooooooooooooo off track here, hee hee! On to the winner now...............
Drumroll please.............................

Glenda said:
Beautiful layout! Love the vintage feel, colors, and all the fantastic cuts you used!
I am now a follower---just getting my own blog started!
Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

Woo Hoo Glenda, you have a week to contact me at:
mccadesmom at gmail dot com
and I will get your goodies out to you!
Thanks everyone for listening to my crazy story but I just had to share my good fortune with you!

Take Care and Have a wonderrful rest of the weekend!
((Hugs)) Theresa


ScrappyScavenger said...

Id of snatched those bad boys up too! So pretty!

Sharon said...

Congrats Glenda!!
Those are the best deal I've heard of in ages!!!! I never find anything that good at the yard sales around here. DH and DD go a lot and find some pretty good stuff. I'm always at work! I just love them. They are awesome! :)

Glenda said...

WOW! What a nice surprise to be winner of the fantastic goodies!! Thank you very much!!
I enjoy your story! Gotta love small towns!!Beautiful chair and loveseat! Congrats on bringing those beauties home! I will get an email to you! Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks again for the goodies!!

Maureen Reiss said...

congrats Glenda!! Awesome chairs!! Great deal too

Audrey Frelx said...

Great pics and, yes, McCade does look distacted -- LOL! Those really are some great chairs, sounds like it was a great yard sale!!!

And, congratulations, Glenda on winning the blog candy!!!

flowerdisco said...

theresa...those chairs ROCK!!! they are awesome pretty. glad you got them :)

and mccade looks so cool!

Ladybug said...

OMG, Theresa, those chairs are gorgeous and what a deal!!! I'm sooo happy for you that you finally found them. They look awesome on your veranda.

Your DH does the same thing as mine does -- sits in the car whilst I snoop at garage sales.

Congrats, Glenda, on your win!

Court said...

Fantastic story and great steal!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

OMG!!! What a steal! they're absolutely GORGEOUS! xxD