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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet "Eddie" Our New Addition To The Family!

Isn't he Gorgeous! We just got him, He's an Ornery Mule and McCade named him Eddie (you know from Shrek) Eddie Murphy was Donkey and even tho Eddie is a Mule We're still going to call him Eddie. McCade has been wanting one since we moved here a couple of years ago and Our Friends had a Friend that wanted him to go to a good home and they thought of us and I'm a sucker for all animals (that's one reason I have 5 dogs, lol) and he is absolutely Beautiful so I couldn't say no. My Granddaughter Molly has been wanting a horse (hopefully a Mule will do, lol) so maybe I can bribe her now to talk Mommy into moving out here so she can help me break him, lol! His pretty feisty and he needs to be broke but heck what can I say, sometimes I love a good challenge (and it doesn't always have to do with paper, right, LOL!!) He has acres of grass to eat and he ran and ran but them finally settled down so I could snap a few pics of him.
And like I said before, Isn't he Gorgeous! I love his ears! I think we're going to be good friends, lol! Hopefully we'll be able to saddle break him in time so we'll be able to ride him, but it will be awhile. I'll keep you all posted on our upcoming antics since this is the first Mule that I've ever owned, so wish me luck, lol
And look what was also waiting for me when we got home, Woo Hoo, I hope I get some time tonight to play with it, I can't wait, I've wanted this since it came out on Hello Thursday! You know me I love Flowers so this will be fun!
Well hope you have a great rest of the week, I just wanted to introduce you to our newest member of the Family and I'll keep you all posted of his progress, and some of the flowers I make too, lol!
((Hugs)) and Take Care, Theresa


Sharon said...

He is a beauty! My Granddad had mules. They were trained to word commands. He plowed with them up until he couldn't any more. They are really smart animals. Good luck with your training!! I'll be watching for you progress reports!
Looking forward to seeing your flower creations, too. I want this cart also! :)

Audrey Frelx said...

OMG, how awsome!!! He's beautiful!!! Congratulations!

Sandi Cl~ said...

Hi, there, Theresa! He is just the cutest thing! You will have to keep us updated .. and do a LO about him. Have fun with your Flower Shoppe. I haven't gotten it yet .. let me know how you like it!

flowerdisco said...

Eddie is adorable.