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Monday, January 10, 2011

BBTB2 Hummingbird Challenge, a Small Tutorial and Welcome Back After the Holidays!

Well Hello Everyone and Welcome Back! I sure hope your Holidays were everything you wanted them to be and more and your New Year is starting off great! Mine sure is and if you scroll down to my Saturday post you'll see I have some Great Exciting News to share with you all, my Friends! Well as we all know it's Monday, and Monday's are new challenge days for Bitten By The Bug 2. And this week our Lovely Design Team Sister Karen has picked the Hummingbird from Lyrical Letters for our Challenge this week. Well I have Lyrical Letters but when I went to use it in my Expression it wouldn't recognize it. I have no idea what happened but I've used it before and not had a problem so I have to see what is going on, if any of you have had that problem would you mind letting me know what you did to fix it, I hope I don't have to get a new cart, I haven't used it that much! Well anyway I just got Pagoda last week at Michael's with the $9.99 carts so I had to pick it up (You can't really pass up a $10 cart can you, lol) (Did anyone else get lucky and get some of those great deals?) Well Pagoda had a Hummingbird on it so it saved my fanny, lol! I wanted to do a layout and use some of those Great pictures I took over the summer of the Hummingbirds in my backyard but I couldn't find the disks to take to have them developed, so that will be another time for that. I also wanted to do a little tutorial for you also using the packing tape and glitter. I love to use this method and have used it quite alot on alot of my leftover pieces and when I want a little sparkle.
I made two cards this week because I just wasn't in the creating zone like I wanted to be and I did the green glitter card first and didn't like that it was very monotone so I had to do a contrasting card also. I don't know but I'm just not 100% happy with these. (I think I had too much time off and maybe put myself in a slump, lol) I had to make a Thank You card so I thought I could incorporate it into the challenge. I also added the handmade flowers, one is a crepe paper one and the other is a punched dictionary flower. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on  these one day also. Well on that note let's move on to the tutorial:
 First off cut out your image. I will usually use the "leftover's" of the cut I made and get an additional card or image but with this one I just added the tape onto the back of the image so the cut out areas have the glitter and add a bit of pizazz, lol.
 Make sure you add the tape to THE BACK SIDE of the image so the sticky part of the tape is sticking up.
 Next, sprinkle the glitter onto the sticky (up) side of the taped image.
 Use a small paint brush to move the glitter around onto all the exposed tape so the glitter sticks to it. (Make sure you do this on scrap paper or a tray so you can put the glitter back into the container and use it again!) And YES, it is very messy and you will look like you've been playing with the Fairies by the time your done, LOL! 
 And here is the finished products, what do you think? I just love the sparkle of the glitter and the possibilities are endless!
So here they are again. I just could not get a good picture of these, the darker glitter is actually a more brown colored glitter and it looks copper in the photos. I used a Gold Gelly Roll pen for the highlighting on the Thank You and the Smile and also on the Hummingbird and the Dictionary Rose and for the red on the neck of the Hummingbird I used a Red glitter pen. The gold highlights on the Crepe paper flower is a rub-on gold paint I had. Used the Swiss dots folder on the birds and added a rhinestone for their eyes. 
Now remember if you don't have Lyrical Letters you can use another cart with a Hummingbird on it, I used Pagoda and I know there's more out there but can't think of them right now, lol. So make sure you start the New Year off with a challenge with us over at BBTB2. Remember if you win you get that great Blinkie to add to your blog and of  course, the bragging rights to go along with it, LOL!
Well have a Great week and please take care out in the elements, There's all kinds of crazy weather all over the world so please, just be careful if you do have to go out in it, They had already called off school as of Sunday afternoon (it was -2 in the AM) so McCade is home from school AGAIN! We have really bad ice on the back roads and we live on the back roads so the bus can't get to alot of the kids because of the ice so it's better to be safe than sorry, but they will have to make up the time and it comes out of the summer vacation. So just remember, Please, Just Be Careful!

((Hugs)) and Take Care,


Glenda said...

Hi Theresa! Glad to see BBTB2 is back! Love the gorgeous cards! Thanks for sharing the tutorial--I must play in glitter!!
Take care and be safe in all the bad weather!

Sharon said...

Great tutorial showing us how to make these awesome cards!!! Thanks for showing us how to do the glitter!! :)

Jeri said...

Awesome hummingbird cards. Love all that glitter and kudos to use for using it.
Sometimes I avoid glitter because it's so messy, but I used it too on my card. I can't believe how many different cartridges had hummingbirds on them (that I find out after the fact). I don't understand why the Gypsy comes up with nothing when you search for hummingbirds. Thanks so much for pointing out that hummingbird on Pagoda.

Sheena said...

So pretty!

Julia Moss said...

Stunning Kiddo! Your cards are truly stunning. Thanks for the tuts.

Ladybug said...

Hiya Theresa. I'm been MIA from blogland for awhile, so will be spending some time on your blog, catching up on what you've been up to. :-)

LOVE your glitter cards! I used that technique (prob. learned it from you!) on one of my butterfly cards. Love how it turns out.

Your hummingbird card is absolutely beautiful. TFS!! my friend!


flowerdisco said...

love them both...don't see why you don't ;p

thanks for the tut. i took my box of glitters and embossing powders out today and played with the powder--now i must play with the glitter and tape. ;p

Audrey Frelx said...

My friend, these cards are just beautiful! Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

Karen Pinsonat said...

What an awesome technique, I'll have to try that! LOVE your cards!

K-E Kreations said...

I love that technique for glitter! Ingenious.

Crayola58 said...

Awesome technique and great tutorial on how to. Loved your cardS.

DonnaMundinger said...

OOOh, what gorgeous sparkle! thanks for the tut, will have to try it. LOVE your cards! xxD

Maria said...

YES, we need a tutorial on those flowers too! Thanks for reminding me about that technique--it is beautiful. The card(s) are beautiful! And CONGRATS Cover Girl!
Maria :-)

Susan said...

You are amazing!!! I truly enjoyed this post. Not only are your cards gorgeous, I feel like I learned something while visiting your blog!!! You will remember us little peeps now that you are a famous published designer, won't you???

xx Susan

Heather said...

Wow, Theresa! This is absolutely stunning!

Jess said...

Beautiful cards! Thanks for the tutorial!