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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I wanted to Share Some AMAZING Pictures With You!

I just had to share these with all of you. I actually took these myself with my little ole Samsung pocket camera. I just LOVE these little Guys and Gals, they are truly amazing little birds and I wish I had a third of their energy, LOL.
We have about 20 or more of them out off the deck everyday all day long. And more keep coming everyday. I have to fill up the feeders every other day. I think I will have to get another feeder to keep up with them. LOL
Look at this little gal, She was actually posing for me, Hee Hee! They will fly right up next to me and hover, they must know I feed them. I can almost reach out and touch them. I wonder if they would ever eat out of my hand if I put some fruit in my hand..........? I think I may have to try that........I will definitely let you know what happens with that. I just hope if they do I can get a picture, so you all believe me, LOL!
Well I just wanted to share these with you, hope you like them and if you want to get a feeder and put it out for them I have a recipe for the nectar you can do yourself and its much cheaper and once they come you don't even need to add the food coloring if you don't want to. 
Here's the recipe:
4 parts Water (4 cups) to 1 part Sugar (1 cup) Bring your water to a rolling boil and then add the sugar and make sure it dissolves then set aside to cool. Once cool fill up your clean feeders and add a couple of drops of red food coloring if you want. Change the water at least once a week so the water doesn't get rancid, but once you attract them you'll have to re-fill more often then it will sit. So Enjoy and let me know how you do if you get a feeder.
Take Care and Froggie ((Hugs)) to you, Theresa


ScrappyJess said...

So pretty! I adore hummingbirds!

Jessica Wekenman said...

Oh, how wonderful! We have them in our yard as well, and I could just sit an watch them all day! There is just something so special about them! What wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing! I am now wondering why I haven't taken pictures of them yet!

flowerdisco said...

Theresa...Thanks for sharing these pics w/us. I love them too, I already told you that :). I never got so many but two or three of them at a time. Wow...enjoy them, try the fruit and let us know. Thanks for the recipe too.

Kate said...

What lovely photos! The one of the bird in flight is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!